Axiom. A universally recognized truth, an established rule, principle, or law. [Oxford English Dictionary]

Established in 1998, headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus, Axiom offers strategic marketing consulting and information technology solutions for customer loyalty management and relationship marketing. We also offer vertical services and solutions for specialized industries, such as Banking, Insurance, Retail and Travel. Our esteemed client portfolio includes large financial institutions, retailers and shipping companies, all of which are leading the customer loyalty path in their industries and countries in which they operate.

Axiom Logo. Axiom leads the way to customer loyalty by suggesting undisputable practices, based on our long expertise and professionalism. Our logo, the Axiom Mountain, signifies stability, a solid presence and a reliable authority that our clients can depend on. It also symbolizes our vision: to climb to the top of our industry, which we can only achieve through commitment and determination. Our logo’s three summits symbolize the three dimensions of customer loyalty: Transactional loyalty which refers to the repetition of purchases over time, Social loyalty which refers to the customer willingness to advocate for a product, a brand or a program, Collaborative loyalty which refers to the customer willingness to invest time and effort in improving a product, service or experience.